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Wonders of science essay: though, Science made our life easier and comfortable. Indeed, there are lots of that given by Science.

wonders of science essay

Let’s get started with an essay on the wonders of science


  • Introduction:
  • Electricity:
  • Means of transport & communication:
  • Mobile Phones:
  • Computer:
  • Medical fields:
  •  Radio:
  • Agriculture:
  • Entertainment & Education:
  • Conclusion:


Science can be the future of tomorrow. Obviously, many inventions and discoveries have been done with the help of science. It has made our life very easier and comfortable. Really, science plays a very important role in humans’ life. There are many inventions for example the internet, electricity, the computer, mobile phones, fans, etc.


The invention of electricity is the most important gift for us. Indeed, It serves our homes, offices, colonies, and many more.

wonders of science essay

With the help of electricity, we can operate computers, television, washing machines, fans, etc. Today, electricity has moved the darkness thought the world.

Means of transport & communication:

With the help of such as buses, trains, cars, airplanes, etc. we can reach anywhere easier and comfortably. It can take a few hours.

Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones devolve the way of communication. Indeed, we can talk to our relatives, friends, and parents over the phone or by video call. Though, It is possible to see the people by video calls now. In fact, the invention of mobiles and the internet has reduced the distance between people.


The computer is an awesome invention of science. Especially, we can take all information, sitting at home.

Medical fields:

With the help of science, we can save humans from many diseases. Indeed, human body parts can be transplanted by surgery today.


The radio is the first invention of science. In the old days, we used to listen to the news and know the match scores by radio though.


Indeed, Farmers can grow better crops today. with the help of fertilizers, medicines, and better irrigation facilities. Moreover, “green revolution” and “white revolution” have given us a lot.

Entertainment & Education:

The invention of science such as the T.V. radio, mobiles phones, cameras, and computers, etc. Moreover, the Invention of computers is very good for all of us. Undoubtedly, we can take these things into the field of education.


Science helps us in many fields such as health, study, education, etc. we can’t think about any invention without science. 


Wonders of science essay: though, Science made our life easier and comfortable. Indeed, there are lots of that given by Science.

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